August 14, 2012

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Yeah, baru je abes tgk cite Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Best. Kisah cinta high school boy 19 tahun yang jatuh cinta dgn guru perempuan 25 tahun sekolah sendiri. Macam-macam aksi ada, romantis romantik kelakar comel. Watak utama cite ni pun comel2 aje. Untuk full sinopsis sila la baca di bawah (kalau rajin...hehehehe). Link utk download pun sila scroll ke bawah.

Full Synopsis:

Yang Eun Bi (Lee Chung Ah) is a 25 year old college student studying for her civil service exam to become a teacher. Eun Bi is in complete study mode from her clothes to her disdain of people who publicly exhibit affection in her study area. Nevertheless, Eun Bi is still on the look out for a potential boyfriend with the economic stability of a 30 year old and who drives a cool car to work while wearing a suit. Instead of a 30 year old, she is stuck with 19 year old Cha Chi Soo (Jung Il Woo).

Eun Bi first meets Chi Soo under peculiar circumstances; he follows her into a bathroom stall and unbeknownst to him seduces her. Eun Bi mistakes him for a stalker that has been attacking girls on campus, but Chi Soo is just trying to hide. After the initial moment of flirtation is over, Eun Bi mistakes him for the man of her dreams, since he is wearing a suit, looks older, and drives a nice car. When Eun Bi follows him to her workplace, a his high school, and realizes that he is  actually wearing a uniform.

After bumping into Chi Soo several times, Chi soo starts to become attracted to Eun Bi. Chi Soo is a spoiled son of a food conglomerate, who hates girls who cry. Suprisingly, Chi Soo overlooks Eun Bi’s faults, including the fact that she cried over her ex-boyfriend in front of him, and starts hitting on Eun Bi when she becomes his teacher. Since Eun Bi realized that Chi Soo is not as old as she thought, Eun Bi no longer likes Chi Soo. However, Chi Soo’s persistence and comforting spirit change her mind.

Chi Soo and Eun Bi stay together after the death of Eun Bi’s father whose Ramyun Shop she has to help takeover, after they discover Eun Bi is promised to her father’s cute narcoleptic apprentice and ramyun shop successor Choi Kang Hyuk (Lee Ki Woo), and after Chi Soo’s family disapproves of his relationship with Eun Bi. Chi Soo is dedicated to winning Eun Bi and even accepts a job at the Ramyun shop under Kang Hyuk to remain in her presence. Although, no matter how great Chi Soo’s actions are, they cannot avoid the fact that Eun Bi is 24, 25, or 26 and Chi Soo is 19.

There is also another adorable love line in the form of Ba Wool (Park Min Woo) and So Yi. So Yi is Chi Soo’s ex-girlfriend who he is literally using as a place holder until Eun Bi will agree to be with him. So Yi uses Chi Soo to make Ba Wool jealous, so she doen’t mind the fact Chi Soo is not as interested in her. Ba Wool is one of the runaways that Eun Bi’s father took care of at the Ramyun Shop. Eun Bi’s father’s ramyun shop is located outside the high school that Eun Bi and Ba Wool attend, however most of its customers are underpriviledged kids who need free meals and guidance. Thus, Ba Wool is like a younger brother to Eun Bi and he agrees to help at the Ramyun shop after the death of Eun Bi’s father. Ba Wool is over protective of Eun Bi and is unhappy about Eun Bi and Chi Soo’s relationship. Ba Wool’s unhappiness is aggregated by the fact that So Yi is still dating Chi Soo, while he and So Yi are dating.

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